LOVE IS in the HAIR 8 oz.

LOVE IS in the HAIR 8 oz.

Freedom from Static Cling$16.99

Tired of your hair clinging to your face? Blow drying, styling or straightening your hair only to have it full of static, worried about putting hats on your head only to have your hair clinging to you or standing straight up with static.  Now you don’t have to with Static Blok’s LOVE IS in the HAIR.  ALL DAY freedom from static.  Calm your hair, calm your mind with the #1 all natural, non-aerosol, non-toxic and fresh smelling, all day freedom from static spray.

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How to use:  Spray 6-8 inches away and finger comb in your hair or spray a few sprays on your hands, rub together and finger comb into hair.  Do not saturate.

As a little added insurance to keeping static out of your hair, spray on your hair or hands and finger comb in while hair is still wet. Once you’re finished styling, apply again.

Tip: Spray in hats, scarves, coats, or anything that causes your hair to cling to.

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