Freedom from Pet hair Everywhere$9.99

Travel with confidence.  With our travel size, you can keep free from static no matter where you are.  Take it with you to travel, at work, in the car, in your purse, at a wedding……  Share with others to help them feel a static free life that you do.  

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Do your little fur babies shock you when you pet them? Is their hair sticking up with static? When you brush them does the hair go right back on them or YOU?  Are your clothes, blankets, furniture, and rugs starting to look like they are growing your fur babies’ hair?  

Well, no more static pets and wearing your pet’s hair with Static Blok’s Fur-ever Freedom.  Rid the fur-for-all, tame the mane with the #1 all-natural, non-aerosol, non-toxic and fresh smelling, all-day freedom from static spray.  Fur-ever Freedom is developed to last for days or weeks until washed or worn off.   

Tip:  Try on your horses’ blankets or brushes to keep your precious stallions and mare from being spooked from the static shocks of their blankets.  Keep their hair and mane from sticking right back on them and YOU!